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Our Factory Introduction

With our products and services in DC Motor, Pump Motor, Brushless Motor, Servo Motor, Stepper Motor and Driver Board, since 2010, we have been committed to providing products and solutions for medical products, automation products, smart home products and so on. You can find our motors in America, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil, India, Iran and other countries. Finding the appropriate solution and manufacturing high quality motors is our mission. With motors as the main part of customers’ machines, in addition to choosing the right solution, we also consider the cost savings for customers. There are four teams in our technology department.The Pump motor team provides solutions primarily for the medical industry, the DC motor, BLDC motor and Stepper motor teams provide solutions for automation products and others. The Driver Board team works with motor teams as usual. At the same time, the Driver Board team provides solutions for the machines produced by our customers. Thanks a lot to all our customers, partners and employees during this decade.

Our Workshop

Each rigorous production process is designed to ensure a quality product for you.

Production Workshop

We specialize in the production of DC motors, spray motors, brushless motors, servo motors, stepper motors and driver boards with more than 20 years of experience.

Professional Quality Inspection

Our products are certified by UL, ROHS, CE, ISO9001, CCC, IATF and so on.100% guarantee the quality of products.

Professional Service

We have a professional team that can customize products for customers and provide professional solutions.

Our Exhibition

We actively participate in exhibitions around the world, welcome friends to visit.

We Provide the Best Service

Specialized Solutions And High-Quality Motors
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